I’d never given much thought to the staycation. This has less to do with the thing itself, but is likely the result of my disdain for cutesy word hybrids. You’ll never hear me talking about how Brangelina looks fantabulous with their ginormous family in tow. The one notable exception to this would be brunch. Brunch […]

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How to Get a New York Literary Agent in only 17 Years

10 Easy Steps On occasion, I am criticized by other writers for writing too fast. I guess I’m supposed to stretch out the process and brood more. Or interrupt my writing schedule with the occasional drinking binge or creative depression. That doesn’t sound like much fun, though, so I wrote Hair of the Corn Dog […]

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Finding Writing Prompts in Unusual Places

Guest post by Nikolas Baron Like many writers, sometimes when I sit down to write I draw a huge blank. Nothing comes to mind. No new ideas. No help with continuing on old ideas. Nothing. But when I’m feeling stuck or lost, I find solace and ideas within writing prompts. Writing prompts have sucked me […]

Podcast 1: No Joy in Autism

I’ve teamed up with my good friend Christy Hovey for the Tales of Imperfection podcast. It’s up now on iTunes where you can listen, rate, and subscribe. Or you can visit the Podcast page on this website where I’ll keep the episodes current. Episode 1 is called No Joy in Autism, and yes, someone somewhere will […]

Beware the Third Rabbit

We survived our first camping trip of the season, no doubt because I remembered the alcohol and followed other useful camping tips that you can read on my post at Scary Mommy. We spent one afternoon at a hot springs-fed pool. These always sound fun but inevitably turn out to be creepy and expensive at […]


Scary Mommy

I’m on Scary Mommy today. And if you know anything about mommy bloggers, you know that doesn’t mean I’m on the Child Protective Services Most Wanted list. It means I have a post on Jill Smokler’s uber-funny site on all-things edgy in the world of mommy humor. In addition to, Jill is the author […]

In the Powder Room

In the Powder Room

Woohoo! I’m In the Powder Room. I found this awesome site via the Super Cool Lady Writers of I Just Want to Be Alone, many of whom have contributed to In the Powder Room. Check out: Robyn Welling’s post on Premature Crotch Blowout Rebecca Gallagher’s lessons on Parenting and Penis Envy Abby Heugel’s Dissection of […]

Life Sucks, Laugh Hard – Live Readings

If you missed this year’s Life Sucks, Laugh Hard event, you can see two short clips of my readings here. The first is an excerpt from Hair of the Corn Dog regarding nighttime… disturbances.     The second is my essay “True Love Story” from I Just Want to Be Alone. If you want to […]


How to Get Publishers Weekly to Review Your Book

Being an independent author does not exclude you from getting reviews of your books from Publishers Weekly. I’ve had all three books in the “Tales of Imperfection” series reviewed. Here is what you need to know if you’re going to give it a shot. It’s Not Free. You pay $149. If that seems pricey, consider […]


Mother’s Day Redux

Mother’s Day rocked. Not just because of the chocolate chip pancakes which I ate in bed… when the girls brought them to me at 7:30 in the morning. (I realize now that I must attach a specific time to my request to “sleep in”). And not just because my kick ass husband did laundry, dishes, […]