Corking the Bottle

In workshops and interviews, I’ve come to expect the inevitable question: What’s next? And typically, the person posing the question expects me to come up with a title about booze. Why would they make such an assumption, you ask? Well, let’s take a look at my history. I’ve done five books in two years…   […]


Humor Writing Workshop

This Saturday I’ll teach a humor writing workshop at the Meridian Library from 2-4pm. All the cool kids are going. Okay, maybe not. But all the nerdy writer kids who mask their deep emotional issues with humor are going. So if that sounds like you, you should be there.  Here’s the official blurb: Humor and […]


Life Sucks Laugh Hard… This Thursday

Join me this Thursday at Bodovino. Taste hundreds of wines (okay, maybe don’t taste all of them), enjoy fabulous complimentary appetizers, and hear Idaho’s funny women read from our latest books. Yes, I am one of them. I’ll be reading from Hair of the Corn Dog and a short essay in the newly released I […]



Tonight I’ll have my first reading from Hair of the Corn Dog. It all goes down at Rediscovered Books on 8th in downtown Boise at 6:30pm. Whenever I have a reading in a place that doesn’t serve alcohol, I try to keep the material fairly free of expletives. Which means I won’t be reading my […]

The Women of I Just Want to Be Alone

The Women of I Just Want to Be Alone

Q: How did you come up with the name of your blog? My blog’s name is “You’re my favorite today” because it’s something I regularly say to one of my children. But only one of them. – Michelle Newman, You’re my favorite today I’d like to say I named my blog “Hollow Tree Ventures” for […]

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A Delightful Mix of Horror & Flattery

An eight-year-old from down the street had occasion to be at our house last week. She and her siblings had a lovely play date with my girls. This particular eight-year-old impresses me. She is smart and confident, but humble and self-aware. She is responsible and caring, which are excellent traits in eight-year-old. At one point […]

Hair of the Corn Dog

Hair of the Corn Dog

Hair of the Corn Dog is here! In the latest laugh-out-loud confessional from A.K. Turner’s ”Tales of Imperfection” series, the author relates her adventures on the Jersey Shore, at an Idaho drag show with her in-laws, and surviving the perils of an elementary school ice-cream social with equal parts wit and heart. The laughter pairs […]

I Just Want to Be Alone

I Just Want to Be Alone

I’m super excited to be a part of Some Super Cool Lady Writers. Seriously, the cover of the book reads “By Some Super Cool Lady Writers.” That’s going on my resumé. I Just Want to Be Alone is an anthology by some of the funniest women writers out there. And they’re letting me tag along. My […]

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An Open Letter to My Gym Buddy

Dear John (whose real name is Rachel), I know you must feel abandoned as of late. It’s not you, it’s me. And I won’t try and deny it. It has nothing to do with the fact that you made me do Burpees. And I’ll miss the way our bellies jiggled back at us in the […]


Sex in the Box

Today’s blog is a guest post from Salad Closet. I stumbled upon it, fell in love, and contacted Ms. Closet about appearing on my site. If you like what you read, click here and subscribe to her blog. Enjoy… Dildos are awesome. Unless, after you buy it, you absentmindedly leave it in your car overnight. […]