2nd Grade Rap

Today Emilia begins 2nd grade. She’ll do fine, despite the fact that I have allowed her brain to deteriorate over the summer with far too many episodes of Littlest Pet Shop. I’m sure all that math she learned in 1st will come back to her. She’ll do well because of her attitude. Here’s a one […]


Ivy Wild

My youngest is turning five. When we named Ivy, we were unaware that there is a local pool named Ivywild. Now, of course, it all just seems meant to be. She’s not wild in a negative sense, and nowhere near the handful that she used to be. We’ve enjoyed a full two years now of […]


An Open Letter to DB

Dear DB, Please don’t think that by referring to you as DB, I’m calling you a douchebag. That’s not the case at all. I just thought you would want your identity protected, and what a happy coincidence it is that your initials are, in fact, DB. When I saw a Facebook message from you, I […]


May All Your Parts Be Happy

On Tuesday we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. There’s something about a multiple of 5 that makes us feel we need to REALLY celebrate. At one time, we talked about a mini cruise or another trip to Europe for our 15th, but we have a trip to Australia coming up this fall, which pretty much […]

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Judgement Days

My good friend Christy Hovey and I have taken to meeting every week, having a few beers, and bullshitting. One day we threw in a microphone and voila, we now have a podcast. Last week’s was called Judgement Days. The topic of judging other moms for their parenting skills (or apparent lack thereof) came up […]


I’d never given much thought to the staycation. This has less to do with the thing itself, but is likely the result of my disdain for cutesy word hybrids. You’ll never hear me talking about how Brangelina looks fantabulous with their ginormous family in tow. The one notable exception to this would be brunch. Brunch […]

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How to Get a New York Literary Agent in only 17 Years

10 Easy Steps On occasion, I am criticized by other writers for writing too fast. I guess I’m supposed to stretch out the process and brood more. Or interrupt my writing schedule with the occasional drinking binge or creative depression. That doesn’t sound like much fun, though, so I wrote Hair of the Corn Dog […]

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Finding Writing Prompts in Unusual Places

Guest post by Nikolas Baron Like many writers, sometimes when I sit down to write I draw a huge blank. Nothing comes to mind. No new ideas. No help with continuing on old ideas. Nothing. But when I’m feeling stuck or lost, I find solace and ideas within writing prompts. Writing prompts have sucked me […]

Podcast 1: No Joy in Autism

I’ve teamed up with my good friend Christy Hovey for the Tales of Imperfection podcast. It’s up now on iTunes where you can listen, rate, and subscribe. Or you can visit the Podcast page on this website where I’ll keep the episodes current. Episode 1 is called No Joy in Autism, and yes, someone somewhere will […]

Beware the Third Rabbit

We survived our first camping trip of the season, no doubt because I remembered the alcohol and followed other useful camping tips that you can read on my post at Scary Mommy. We spent one afternoon at a hot springs-fed pool. These always sound fun but inevitably turn out to be creepy and expensive at […]